1. Mike

    These are actually just in your `~/Applications` folder and you can delete them without the command line.

  2. Md

    I found easiest way to delete this chrome created apps from lunched. All you have to do is click on finder from the doc, then on the finder window there is a search bar, now search each name of the apps, like youtube, and you will see on the application part similar icon comes up. drag and trash it. Thats all. You don’t need any codings.

  3. user

    I’ve deleted the same icons in a different way.

    Just go to the Applications folder (the one in your user directory, not the main one with all your apps), and delete the Chrome folder.

    cd ~/Applications
    rm -r

    Hope it helps someone as well.


    Note: You have to search for the Applications folder under your username “~/Applications” (the ~ symbol locates your home directory automatically for you), not the “/Applications”

  4. iskender

    You can search spotlight “Chrome Apps” and you can delete Apps;)

    I tried and it works;)

  5. Trian

    These icons appear on the launchpad because inside Google Chrome you installed the respective “apps”. Go there, uninstall them (for all Chrome “users”) and the respective icons will disappear.

  6. Outhur

    删除后,每次开机,或者重新启动后,Launchpad 里面的 App 都会呈现不同随机顺序。不知道你是否遇到了相同的问题?

  7. Thank you for your article. I was digging all around in ~/ for the database, only to stumble across your post and low and behold it’s in /var/folders. I appreciate it.

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