Linux 也转换音频



wav RIFF WAVE file format

aiff Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF and uncompressed/sowt
AIFF-C only) (via sox: <>)

shn Shorten low complexity waveform coder (via shorten:

flac Free Lossless Audio Codec (via flac: <http://flac.source‐>)

ape Monkey’s Audio Compressor (via mac: <http://www.mon‐>, <
port/>)ofr OptimFROG Lossless WAVE Audio Coder (via ofr:

lpac Lossless Predictive Audio Compression (via lpac:

wv WavPack Hybrid Lossless Audio Compression (via wav‐
pack/wvunpack: <>)

alac Apple Lossless Audio Codec (via alac:

la Lossless Audio (via la: <>)

tta TTA Lossless Audio Codec (via ttaenc: <http://tta.source‐>)

als MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (via mp4als:
tak (T)om’s lossless (A)udio (K)ompressor (detection only;
via takc: <>)

rka RK Audio audio compressor (detection only; via rkau:

bonk Bonk lossy/lossless audio compressor (via bonk:

kxs Kexis lossless WAV file compressor (via kexis:

mkw MKW Audio Compression format (via mkwcon:

wma Windows Media Audio Lossless (detection only)

cust Custom output format module (output only, useful for
encoding to a format that shntool does not yet support)

term sends output to the terminal

null sends output to /dev/null (output only, useful for dry-
runs in several modes, such as fix mode or strip mode)

使用的方法当然也很简单,shntool split -f inputcuefile -t '%n. %t' -o outfiletype inputaudiofile

可以看到有一个-o的参数,后面可以跟上你想转换到的类型就可以了,当然前提是你的机器里装的有相应的codecs & decodecs

点击这里下载 shntool_303-1_i386deb

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